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- The Party and Trade Union -
The Party Committee Office Discipline Inspection Committee
Organization Department(The Party School) Publicity Department(United Front Work Department)
The Youth League Trade Union
- Administration & Attached Units -
President’s Office Teaching Affairs Department(Higher Education Research Office, Student Enrollment Office)
Personnel Department Finance Department
Scientific Research Management Department Material & Equipment Management Department
Capital Construction Department Security Department (Military Affairs Department)
Logistic Management Department Office for Retired Cadres & Faculty
New Campus Office Adult Education College (College of Higher Vocational Education)
The Library Editorial Department of the University Journals
Logistic Service Group Logistic Service Company
Company of Technology, Industry and Trade Attached Middle School
Attached Primary School  
- Major Research Institutions -
Zhou-Qin Ethic Culture and Modern Moral Values Research Center Disaster Monitoring and Mechanism Simulation Laboratory
Phytochemistry Laboratory  
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